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DAAP Stellar and the Dreamchasers scientists excerpts:


Spin Waves

“Cooling the sample gradually, the kinetic energy of the magnets decreases and at a material specific critical temperature, called the Curie Temperature. Ordering occurs when the magnet moments of the atoms align either parallel or antiparallel with respect to that of the neighbor atoms.” (Ewe Happek)


Subatomic Particles

“After further cooling with time, the nucleons bind together to form the light atomic nuclei. Subsequently, electrons, which are leptons, bind to the nuclei to form atoms.” (Kanzo Nakayama)



Molecular Dynamics

“Using a stochastic sampling method known as Monte Carlo sampling, we follow the collective motion of the polymer as the individual atoms (balls), which move around in space due to the energy provided by nature in the form of "thermal energy". (David Landau)



Galactic Clouds

“Alternatively, you can treat the simulation of the galaxy and cloud as a metaphor for a person or a society taking in something new (perhaps a new experience, new idea, or new population).” (Robin Shelton)



Electromagnetic Spectrum  

“The electromagnetic force is one of the four fundamental forces in nature. The electromagnetic field extends throughout all of space. It surrounds us and permeates us. (William Dennis)



“Think of a densely packed dance floor with myriad electrons, in pairs, dancing around each other, but with the partners in each pair separated by miles, dancing at a distance.” (Heinz Benz Schuttler)



Astrophysics and Black Holes   

“There are monsters out there in the depths of space.  Massive entities of total darkness that trap everything inside them, forever and with no chance of escape.  Some black holes are relatively small, only a few times the mass of the Sun, others are more massive than a million suns, but all of them capture anything that wanders too close - even light, and there are no appeals, no forgiveness, no second chances. (Loris Magnani)

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