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2019 CORE Season 



Mutual Resonance, a 40-minute nonstop program consista of thirteen aerial and dance vignettes that portray a variety of relationships and interactions reflecting associations found in personal, social and environmental situations. The performance is enhanced through visual landscapes by incorporating projection mapping, animation and visually integrated digital media. The company performs on aerial silks, slings, lyra, trapeze and bungee. The evening of dance also features Staibdance performing excerpts from 2016's critically acclaimed work moat. Artistic Director, George Staib reflects on his memories of immigrating from Iran to a small Pennsylvania town during the Iran Hostage Crisis. Fueled by heightened anti-Middle Eastern sentiment in the United States, some locals reacted with hostility, throwing tear gas into the family's yard and bullying the kids at school. The work raises questions of self-protection.
















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