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2020 CORE Season

Soul Searching...featuring Migrare

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CORE Contemporary & Aerial Dance, artistic director Bala Sarasvati and fourteen performers, present Soul Searching for the 2020 UGA Department of Dance annual season. The evening’s nonstop multimedia show explores personal, cultural, political and environmental perceptions about current and immanent global issues. The aerial and contemporary dance performance is enhanced through a visual landscape incorporating projection mapping, animation and film. The company will perform on silks, slings, lyras, trapeze and bungee.


Featured guest choreographer Mario Vircha will present Migrarea multimedia dance and film that chronicles personal experiences while working with immigrant dance artists who fled countries in political crisis and migrated to other countries that have welcomed them. Vircha’s presentation depicts notions about his journey to France, Jordan, Greece and homeland, Costa Rica, where he witnessed the process of cultural extension from native countries who host immigrants and participate in the emergence of an expressive art form which is nourished by newly established artistic communities in these centralized locations. In Migrare, refugee artists are brought together to convey means of which creative work responds to the political situations and other devastating events; portrays the challenges of living in their new environment; and raises the question “What Happens When a Culture Disperses?”

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2020 Atlanta Show Guide2020.jpg
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