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Interested in becoming Certified Yoga Trapeze Instructor? The intensive training sites are held throughout the world. To attend at the UGA site, fly into the Atlanta Airport and take public transportation to Athens, GA. The University of Georgia Department of Dance is one of the best training spaces in the world for this program. The next certification program held in Athens, GA is March 12 – 17, 2019

Yoga TrapezeTM Certified Teacher 
Training with Lucas Rockwood in the first training program offered in the US (San Diego, CA June, 2017) and assistant to Lucas in the March and May 2018 Yoga Trapeze Certification program at UGA, Athens, GA, USA

The Yoga Trapeze course (DANC 2050/3050) was first offered spring semester 2017 at the University of Georgia. The course is offered every semester and open to all university students.

"Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity to be in this class. I have learned so much and have challenged myself in ways I thought I never could."

E. Treanor  

Aerial dancers find the conditioning, strength and flexibility exercises on the Yoga Trapeze to be extremely beneficial and transfer directly to the more challenging aerial dance apparatus.

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