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Excerpts from T'Apped
T'Apped Title.png
Excerpts from T'Apped

In T'Apped, Bala Sarasvati collaborated with the Compañía Nacional de Danza Costa Rica (Mario Vircha project coordinator, Sylvia Montero, company artistic director). Film capturing occurred at the National Center of Culture (CENAC), support provided by Centro Nacional de la Cultura (CENAC) Ministry and Culture and Youth of Costa Rica. The performers were filmed in a green screen set and the film was edited with incorporation of digitally generated clips and special effects to create distorted visual images depicting our involvement with the digital realities that we create online. Performers enact in a multitude of ways to express how we use technology to fulfill our obsessions, desires and dreams. The film's message not only poses questions about our facination with technology, but how we increasingly reference and define ourselves through these altered realities. 

Title: T'Apped

Director, Choreographer, Film: Bala Sarasvati

Performers: Compañía Nacional de Danza Costa Rica, Sylvia Montero, Artistic Director, Mario Vircha, Project Collaborator

Music: Krishna Dass, Ram Dass, East Forest, Stich Man, Christopher Willets; Luke PN, Amanda Sounds

Length: full film 23 minutes 

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