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Workshop, presented at the LABAN International Conference, Rio de Janeiro, June 2022


Bala Sarasvati
Certified Movement AnalystLaban Movement Analysis and Bartenieff Fundamentalssm

Specialization in application of LMA/BF to aerial and dance training and performance
It is incredibly profound how the LMA/BF continues to serve as such a strong baseline for us all to better understand ourselves and each other.


Dance Technique Approach

Movement fundamentals to promote muscular balance, range of motion, strength, mobility and ease. Approaches, methods, physical practice enhance movement efficiency, mobility, momentum and dynamic alignment. "Extreme" shape shifting, level change variations, inversions & off vertical transitions with gradated rotation and other applied 3-dimensional ROM processes.


LMA/BF: Progressões em quedas, rolamentos, espirais e vôos / LMA/BF: Progressions in falling, rolling, spiraling and flying

Identifying and Applying LMA/BF to Contemporary Dance Techniques


In this workshop, we will explore the creative process within the contemporary modern dance technique class environment. This will include movement processes that involve release, riding on the wave of momentum, free-falling; and three-dimensional activities such as looping, threading, and spiraling while regenerating internal lines of energy. The correlation of all these dynamic aspects, now considered central to the contemporary modern dance genre at large, will be explored through level changes, short partnering sequences, moving through space and during stillness. The essential core of this experience is to access and further deepen inner body connections; and awaken movement sensations to create motion, momentum and expression. While cultivating artistry and nurturing the creative process in the daily technique regime may be greatly enhanced through anatomical, sensory, kinetic awareness, sustaining an inquisitive nature and pure passion for motion and movement is essential. While we explore both simple and sophisticated movement processes we will also reflect our body’s memory of significant individual moments of freedom. When do we feel most alive through open channels of energy flow? How do we apply LMA/BF to practice technical skills and enhance our creative approaches to do so?


Practical Application


Release - partnering up and down release

Riding on the wave of momentum -X-rolls, lower leg thread through, helicopter flips; plank to arch leg/spinal twist to thread through

Level change - Lemurs to twisted dismounts

Free-falling - from second twisting to the floor; head side and spiral to the floor

Flying - upper/lower table-top leaps (horizontal plane)


Three-dimensional activities





spreading the body's weight through fluids, flow, cellular level

regenerating internal lines of energy through:

     kinectic chains, space effort, inner shape qualities

     initiation and sequencing of body and body/body parts

movement sensations to create motion, momentum and expression

exploring both simple and sophisticated movement processes  

allow for individual moments of freedom 

sustaining an inquisitive nature and pure passion for motion and movement


When do we feel most alive through open channels of energy flow?

How do we apply LMA/BF to practice technical skills and enhance our creative approaches to do so?

Aplicação prática


Lançamento - versão em parceria para cima e para baixo

Aproveitando a onda de impulso - X-rolls, passagem da perna, viradas de helicóptero; prancha para arquear a perna/torção espinhal para passar

Mudança de nível - Lêmures para desmontagens torcidas

Queda livre - da segunda torção ao chão; lado da cabeça e espiral para o chão

Voar - (saltos de cima/baixo da mesa)


Atividades tridimensionais






espalhando o peso do corpo através de fluidos, fluxo, nível celular

regenerando linhas internas de energia através de:

     cadeias cinéticas, esforço espacial, qualidades de forma interna

     iniciação e sequenciamento do corpo e partes do corpo/corpo

sensações de movimento para criar movimento, impulso e expressão

explorando processos de movimento simples e sofisticados

permitir momentos individuais de liberdade

sustentando uma natureza inquisitiva e pura paixão pelo movimento e movimento


Quando nos sentimos mais vivos através de canais abertos de fluxo de energia?

Como aplicamos LMA/BF para praticar habilidades técnicas e aprimorar nossas abordagens criativas para fazê-lo?


Bala Sarasvati, completed her final year as Jane Willson Professor in the Arts at the University of Georgia, USA and looks forward to the shift into the world once again as a free-lance artist/teacher. A Certified Movement Analyst, Bala specializes in the application of LMA/BF theories to dance technique and creation. In addition, she is a certified Yoga Trapeze teacher/trainer. Since 2007, Bala serves as a graduate faculty member for Nacionale Universidad, Heredia, Costa Rica specializing in BF application to dance. Her dance and movement approaches have been presented internationally throughout the world and well as choreography of which she for the past twenty years has integrated aerial and contemporary dance with film to create unique multimedia events. See:; Baladance Channel at

For information on LMA/BF based contemporary dance technique classes, workshops or courses contact Bala Sarasvati:  

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