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Aerial Yoga Trapeze

YT training stems from Yoga & primarily from Iyengar's approach
-provides specificity of training that is not included in traditional yoga practice such as: pulling, rowing, suspension, grip strength

Yoga Body
Yoga Body Teachers College
Yoga Trapeze Teacher Certification
-founder Lucas Rockwood

Development of
Aerial Yoga Trapeze classes at UGA
Course entitled (Aerial Yoga Trapeze) 


Yoga Trapeze is beneficial to




Martial Artists

Yoga enthusiasts

Injury Rehab

Overall benefits of Yoga Trapeze 
-balances strength and flexibility of upper/lower 
and right and left sides of body
-strengthens posterior chain
-restores overall health and balance of spine
-improves core support and centeredness 
 -addresses muscular-tendon imbalances arising from overuse
Classic Yoga Trapeze 
Warm up (360)
Posterior Chain (90 degree and pistol squats)
Upper Body (jet seats, flying push-ups
Hip Openers (front splits, sitting splits, dancer pose)
Traction (traction jackson, banana man, spider(wo)man)
Core (front, oblique (side)and crossed sit-ups; reverse sit-ups)
passive backbends (bridge)
Dynamic (spiderman to superman, angel, warrior variations )
Twist & Folds (jacknife, deep hip flection- angle "modern dance phrase")
Final Relaxation  
Benefits to dance and athletic training
leg extensions and hip openers (tiger, side tilt, butterfly)
dance inversions (walk backs, flying push ups, inclined rows)
partnering techniques (plow, classic inverted pose, sitting splits)
aerial dance (skin the cat, straddles, aerial rotations and many other aerial skills)

Benefits to aerial dance training

-safe practice & eliminates fear

-provides kinesthetic/proprioceptive orientation

-strengthens core, upper body, handgrip directly related to aerial dance  

-numerous skills, positions and transitions applied to aerial dance  

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